Pollard Portraits


                            How to Order Your Portrait

Send me your Photo or Photos by mail only and make sure they are large enough and clear enough to see the subject ,these type of photos ensures a better rendering; and please provide the following information. What is the format of the portrait you want to be drawn a head and half shoulders head and full shoulders or all the way down to the waist area and the type of medium you would like for your portrait to be rendered in. Your portrait may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to complete depending on the overall complexity of the photo subjects.And make sure you include your mailing address also if you would  like certain blemishes or articles of clothing removed and something else added in I can do this just explain what you would like done.

You can also choose from my colored backgrounds


Just pick from one of the background samples and write down its number and make sure it says background color beside the number when you mail me the instructions on how you would like your portrait rendered.

                  Mailing Payment Options

Check or Money Order: Mail your check or Money order or Cashiers Check to: Lynwood A Pollard                                                                                                                                                                                            PO. BOX  643 GARLAND, NORTH CAROLINA 28441                                                                     

Shipping rates for standard USPS

$9 for U.S Residents ONLY AND $20 FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Your artwork will be mailed back to you with your photos by mail confirmation requiring your signature; this insures me that  you have received your finished artwork.Your artwork will be shipped to you well packaged if damaged during transit just returned the damaged artwork to me and I will replace it free of charge, shipping price included.